StageLight 4.0

Create multi-track songs using drums, instrumental, and vocal tracks
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This free program allows you to create and play your own music easily. It has a colorful and attractive Windows 10-style interface that makes the user's experience very pleasant. From the start page, you can choose between three options: New song, Open song, and Lessons. When choosing the first option, the program will show you a series of empty boxes on the upper side, and several pads that, when clicking on them, will produce the sound of a piece of a drum kit. You can use these sounds to fill the empty boxes and create a drum beat as the basis of your song. Then, you can add other instruments such as guitars, bass, organ and more. Each instrument has different voices. For example, you can use an old-style drum kit, a church-like organ, and so on. The program includes an assortment of these varieties, but you can purchase even more directly from the application. The costs are very affordable. Also, you can save your newly created song and continue working on it in another moment.

As its name implies, the second option opens your saved songs. The lessons you can find in the third option are divided into How-to and Style lessons. The first category shows you how to use the program's features in a step-by-step fashion. The free Style lessons featured in the second category are Hip Hop. Hard Rock and Dubstep. They will teach you how to create songs in those styles. If your favorite style is not featured, you can purchase extra modules also directly from the application.

Given its many characteristics, you may need to spend some time until you are familiar with all the features that are included. Nevertheless, if you have an interest in composing music, then you may want to experiment with this program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Many tutorials and templates
  • Nice interface


  • Not very easy to use. You need to use it for a while to understand all its functions
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